Saturday, May 24, 2008

glass magnets

For craft night we made these cute little magnets. They are very simple. All you need is
clear glass rocks (I have seen them at the dollar store and craft stores)
glue that drys clear (you can use craft glue or elmers glue works too)
scrapbook paper

Trace the rock on the paper and cut it out. Then glue the paper to the bottom of the rock with the cute side of the paper showing through. Then attach the magnet to the back side of the paper. It is best to let the glue between the paper and rock dry a little before attaching the magnet. Some magnets come with sticky stuff on one side, but it yours don't just use glue. We used rubber cement but the regular glue seemed to work as well.
These make cheap easy gifts. I am making my husband's family all magnets for Christmas. I am printing out letters in cute fonts and spelling out their last name and then making magnets with everyones name in the family one magnet per name. I got that idea from my friend Chelsea.

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