Saturday, May 24, 2008

Framed wall letters

I saw these at a store for a lot of money and thought I could make them for a lot less. You could spell out anything you want. You will need floating frames purchased at a craft store or store that sells frames. They can be any size you want and you could do different sizes and shapes for the different letters. For the letters I printed them off in the font that I wanted and then cut them down to a little smaller than the frame. I wanted the white behind the letters but if you don't like that and want to spend a little more you could use vinyl letters.

Ribbon lamp shade

This is a good idea if you have an old ugly lamp shade like mine or a cheap boring one from the store. I got this idea from my mom. Pick out ribbon that you like that matches your lamp and just wrap the ribbon around the shade. Make sure that you over lap the ribbon.

Ribbon tab curtains

I made these curtains for my daughters room (well actually my mom did he sewing while I was asleep with the baby). The are probably the simplest curtains you can make. Just buy fabric the length you want the curtain and hem the edges. We did about a 1/4 in hem along the sides and 1 in hems on the top and bottom. In the top hem sew in 2 pieces of matching ribbon and then tie the ribbon in a cute little bow.

glass magnets

For craft night we made these cute little magnets. They are very simple. All you need is
clear glass rocks (I have seen them at the dollar store and craft stores)
glue that drys clear (you can use craft glue or elmers glue works too)
scrapbook paper

Trace the rock on the paper and cut it out. Then glue the paper to the bottom of the rock with the cute side of the paper showing through. Then attach the magnet to the back side of the paper. It is best to let the glue between the paper and rock dry a little before attaching the magnet. Some magnets come with sticky stuff on one side, but it yours don't just use glue. We used rubber cement but the regular glue seemed to work as well.
These make cheap easy gifts. I am making my husband's family all magnets for Christmas. I am printing out letters in cute fonts and spelling out their last name and then making magnets with everyones name in the family one magnet per name. I got that idea from my friend Chelsea.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Blog Headers

I created this blog header for my family blog. I used paper designed by mommyscraps (link in side bar). I used photoshop and as soon as I can figure out how to share files I will upload it so you can put your own photo and name on it if you would like.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strip Quilt

Here is a quilt I made for my mother-in-law. It is a strip quilt and is one of the easier quilt patterns to start out with. Just get 1/2 yard 6 coordinating fabrics, cut the fabric into strip varying in size from 2 in to 6 in thick. Next sew the strips together in any order that you like. For the back I just got 2 yards (this depends on how long you make your quilt)of a matching fabric. I machine quilted this quilt with my sewing machine by sewing in the grooves between the strips.

New Blog

I started this blog so I can post all of the things I make and give others ideas for things that they can make. I have posted links to helpful websites for the different categories. Feel free to use any of the information and let me know if you like any of it or if it was useful.