Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby legwarmers

I finally made something of my to do list. I made these baby legwarmers. I used this 10 min tutorial on flickr. It took me about 10 min a piece but I am not the most experienced seamstress. I had these on my to do list for awhile and even had some socks that I got from the dollar store (I obviously love our dollar store)then I saw that homemade by jill made them and they were really cute so I decided to try it. I have 2 pieces of advice. One is to use a thread that matches. I just used my white thread that was in my sewing machine because I wasn't expecting my first pair to turn out and since the socks are dark you can see my stitches on the cuff. My other piece of advice it to pin it how the tutorial suggests. I pinned the first one and then thought I was to good to pin on the second one and I ended up picking out the stitches and redoing it.

Rag quilt

These quilts are so easy. You cut your front and backing into squares and then sew them together with the other squares to that the seams are on the top. This way your front and back are already sewn together and there is no need to quilt it. You also don't have to worry about a nice seam because once you are done you snip all your edges and wash the blanket. This makes the edges fray making a nice texture. The hardest thing about this quilt is lining up the corners of the squares. My corners are not all lined up right but if you want to make it easier you can make a strip rag quilt. then all you have to do is be able to sew a straight line.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

sprusing up a boring frame

I got these frames from the dollar store (another great dollar store find)and decided that I could spruce them up a little bit. It was a great project to do with my BBBS little sister DeDe. We did the same thing I did with the notebooks. We cute out a piece of cute paper to the shape of the frame and glued it down with decoupage then sanded all the edges until they became one with the frame then we covered it with more decoupage and DeDe covered it with some cute stickers. You can use this technique to match your frames to your decor or for a specific holiday an since the frame only cost $1 and I have tons of scrapbook supplies lying around it hardly cost a thing.

mini notebooks

I made this cute little notebooks for a couple of my friends. They are small enough to fit in their purses so they always have them around whenever they get inspired to write something down. I found these mini composition notebooks and a local dollar store 4 for $1 and thought these are cute I bet I could do something with them. (I love our dollar store they have all sorts of fun stuff). Just like I have done previously I decoupaged scrapbook paper on the notebooks to make them cuter and more personal. Then I punched a hole on the front and back and added a little twine to hold it closed. You can do the same thing to larger notebooks as well. I put the decoupage on the notebook then added the paper. I then sanded the edges so the paper became one with the notebook and then covered the whole thing with more decoupage.

photography blog

Mommy creations now has a photography blog so I have moved most of my photography stuff to that blog including my photoshop tips. Check it out

Monday, September 15, 2008

How to create a watermark on your photos

Click here to learn how to put a watermark on your photos. It is a good idea to mark your photos so you get credit if someone uses them.

Friday, September 5, 2008

crochet ruffle socks

I made these cute little socks today with my mom. There are really easy if you know how to crochet. I just single crochet around the edge of the sock with a small hook and string and then did different ruffle edges. You could do any type of crochet edge. If you want a specific pattern to use just email me and I can send you the ones that we used.

We also made some that we crocheted in beads. These are great for a little bit older babies that will play with their feet. They keep the feet warm and the baby entertained.

Grandma Brag Book

I made these cutie little grandma brag books for my mom and mother-in-law. All I did was buy a package of plastic card holders from walmart (< $1.50 for package of 12) and tied them together with scraps of ribbon that I had. They fit wallet size photos or i made mini scrap book pages using photoshop to put in it. Now Grandma has a whole book of photos small enough to carry around in her purse. There are 12 plastic card holders so I can send a new page every month with updated photos.