Monday, February 15, 2010

Bubbled over with joy!

I am so excited to show you all this. Like the title says I am bubbled over with joy to introduce my other entry for the Lil Blue Boo Dharma Trading Design Challenge a bubble shirt with matching leggings.

The shirt is just something I came up with and the leggings were made using Ashley's LBB leggings pattern.
I came up with the idea for the shirt when I pulled out my random knit fabric and saw this black and white pattern knit I had picked up out of a remnants bin a long time ago. I thought it would look so cute as a bubble shirt and to go with it I decided to try out the new leggings pattern I had just received.
I couldn't find a pattern for a bubble shirt so I came up with one all by myself. I used white knit from one of those skirts I mentioned earlier that I got for a quarter. It was extra stretchy making it good to go around the neck. I went to get some black knit for the leggings, but all I could find was really thick knit or ribbed knit. I wanted the leggings to be more light weight for spring or summer, so instead of buying knit I bought a jersey knit T-shirt that happened to be on sell It was perfect and best of all I got to use the already done hem for the hem on the bottom of the pants. I then added a little gather to the sides of the leggings and thought it was just the right touch to go with the shirt.
For my embellishment I added this tulle flower with a fancy button as the center. I decided to go with a contrasting color to make it stand out.
OF course then I had to make a few matching accessories to go with the outfit. I made a headband with matching tulle flowers, a chunky red beaded bracelets, and a fun chain and bead necklace.
Doesn't she look so cute? She thinks she does.
Here is the close up of the head band. The flowers are on a clip so it can be placed on any headband or put directly in the hair.
I am so exited about this and love how it turned out. This challenge has got me into making all my daughter clothes. If the contest wasn't ending tonight I would whip out a few more, but sadly this is my last entry.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Edible bouquet I made for my husband.
Chocolate covered Valentines made for my husbands co-workers.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Decorations

I know it is a little late for these, but I wanted to share a couple of Valentines decorations I made this year.I bought these wooded letters last year but never did anything with them. Well finally just in time for Valentines this year I decoupaged them with some Valentines paper added a little ribbon and had something to replace the reindeer who were still sitting on my shelf from Christmas.
While at my moms I used her criut and cuddle bug to cutout and emboss some hearts to make a cute little heart garland. Hope you all enjoy your Valentines.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wild about Lil Blue Boo Dharma Trading Design Challenge

Between a broken sewing machine and lost fabric scissors I finally finished my entry for the Lil Blue Boo Dharma Trading Design Challenge. It's just in time for valentines day, Addi wore it to take valentines to daddy's work today.
I started with 2 dollar shirts from a thrift store, a grey knit skirt picked up for a quarter at a going out of business sell and some fabric paint.
And this is what I got a wild heart dress perfect for a wild little girl on valentines day.
Part of the challenge is that you have to use some sort of embellishment technique. I used 2 one was stenciling the hearts onto the grey knit and the second was appliqueing the hearts.
This dress is great for a game of peek-a-boo on a snowy day,
or perhaps trying to caught the sun rays as they come through the window.
Maybe a little jumping on the bed.
Even the dog can join in.
Perfect for those valentine hugs
or a nice little walk outside.

Hope you enjoy my dress I had a lot of fun creating it and I learned a lot. The basic design was taken from LBB sienna pattern with my own little twist. Ashley's patterns are great and she give lots of tips so they are perfect for the beginning sewer. To make things a little easier I used as many of the already done hems from the shirts that I could. If the hard part is already done for you why not use it. I have another entry using her new leggings pattern that I hope to get done before Monday so stay tune.

Little Cupcake Card and Ring-BCC #2

My husband had a surprise birthday party for a co-resident the other night and need a present so I whipped up this little ring and card for her. The ring consisted of gluing a flower cabochon onto a ring base with jewelryglue very easy. For the card I used a 3 in by 6 in piece of cardstock folded in half with a cordinating ripped piece of paper glued to it. For the cupcake I stamped it with a stamp I picked up at Micheals for $1 colored it with colored pencils cut it out and put it on the card with a deminsional. I then inked up the whole card with some pink ink to ruff it up a little. I like the look and it helps hide any imperfections. So this is the second Birthday Card Challenge little cards and/or cupcakes. Have fun!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Cards

Here are a few valentines cards I made last year in stamp club. Its a good think I still have some of these cards, because my almost 2 year old got a hold of the wonderful valentines card I made to write a love note to my husband in and ripped off all the embellishments and drew all over it with pen. I guess it is now her card to give to daddy on valentines day.

Valentines felt heart purse

I was putting together my daughters valentines for her playgroup the other day and decide she needed something to hold her valentines in. Since she is not in school with a desk to put a fancy valentines box on like we use to do in school, I decided to make her a purse that she can wear and carry her valentines in.
I just used some felt I had laying around (must have bought it for something, butforgot what andit was all valentines colors so perfect). I cut out 3 large hearts and sewed the sides together. It was that easy. I added some ribbon forpurse handles and a few extra little hearts to the front to dress it up a little.
I did 3 hearts so that there would be 2 pockets. One for the valentines she was handing out and one for the valentinesshewas receiving.
My valentines were very simple. Just glued an embossed pink heart onto some purple card stock ruffed up the edges added a little pink ink to the ruffed up edges and then stuck a sucker in them.
And for the friends that can't have candy some valentine pencils.
Addi loved her purse and wore it around all day. And the best part is she can still use it after she is done with the valentines.
What kind of things are you doing for your kids Valentines at school. I want to see. Leave me a comment with what you made or a link to pictures.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Modern Toddler Moo Moo

I am so excited about this project and pretty proud of myself. I never took sewing lessons and didn't grow up sewing. I got my first sewing machine just over 2 years ago and just started sewing, so when I accomplish a sewing project and it turns out how I want it to I am pretty proud of myself. My latest sewing accomplishment is this modern toddler moo moo I made for my almost 2 year old for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary Hawaiian party.
I went through a box my grandma had in her garage full of old moo moos,Hawaiian shirts and some Hawaiian fabric (they use to live in Hawaii). I picked a few things to use to make Addi a dress for the party. And this is what I came up with. I used this tutorial from Lil Boo Blue as a starting point and added my own little flare to it.
I added a ruffle along the bottom to make it look more like a Hawaiian moo moo. It also added length to the dress which I liked.
I made a fabric flower with a matching button for the center. My original plan was to have flowers all along the top but then decided I liked it better with just one flower off center.
I added buttons to the back to make it easier to take on and off. The straps are tie on so they are adjustable. Both of these hopefully will make it so she can wear this dress for longer.
I had big ideas of taking picture of my little cutie in her dress on the beach since we were in California,but when we went to the beach Addi was not very happy and did not want to stand in the sand. I thought I would go back another day when she was happier,but it rained the rest of our time there. Also notice the matching fabric flower in her hair.
I had enough fabric I decided to make me a matching maternity skirt (more on making a maternity skirt later). I was going to enter this dress into Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge, but I don't think it counts because I didn't use one of her knit patterns she sells in her shop, but I am working on something else for that so stay tune

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me BIrthday Card Challenge

Yes, today is my birthday and I got to see my growing baby and everything looks just great. Now on to my new challenge. My mom has been doing a Christmas card challenge where every week she makes a new Christmas card from an inspirational card with a theme for each week. I think that its a grand idea,but I don't know what I would do with that may christmas cards, since I usally do mass production of the same card for everyone. However, there is one type of card I never have enough of and that is Birthday Cards. One of my new Years resolutions was to be better about sending birthday cards, but I can'tsend what I don't have, so I am starting my own little Birthday Card Challenge in celebration of my own birthday. Every couple of weeks or so I will put up a birthday card that I have made for inspiration and give you a theme for that week. Then all you have to do is use those creative minds of yours and come up with your own fantastic birthday card. Here is your card for this week.

The first weeks theme is primary colors and/or trifold cards. So get making your cards and when you have it post a picture on your blog and leave me a link to your blog post in the comments so that we can all see what you have come up with.
My card was made by folding card stock so that the 2 ends met in the middle creating a door like card. The Happy Birthday and stars were created using Stampin up stams and then colored in with colored pencils. Very simple yet fun. You can be as fancy or as simple as you like.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet Chuckles

Another great holiday in February is Ground Hogs Day. It may not be a very big holiday,but it is still fun to celebrate. The other day I took my little one to the children's museum near our house. They have a room where different animals live. One of the animals you can see is Chuckles who happens to be the official sate of Ct's ground hog. Tomorrow there will be a big event with the mayor and everything (still deciding if it is worth getting up at 6 am to go out in the cold to see if chuckles sees his shadow). Anyways, to try and explain Ground Hogs Day to the little one I created our own little Chuckles.
I made this simple little finger puppet using some scrap felt, google eyes, sharpie marker,and some hot glue. Took me all about 10 min.
Chuckles needed a hole to pop out of so I made him one.
My almost 2 year old may not really care about whether or not Chuckles sees his shadow, but she had fun for about 10 min with the puppet (10 min is a long time lately)
See how much she loves her Chuckles!

Happy February!

I love the month of February! It may have to do with it being my birthday month and my favorite holiday. I love valentines day and always have. There is just something about sharing the love with everyone you love. I loved making valentines for all my friend. I remember picking out special ones for the boy I had a crush on in elementary school. Even as a single young adult I still loved Valentines day and now that I am married and have a wonderful husband to share it with it just makes it that much better. February is a great month for crafts and I already have a few lined up to share. Here is my first one.
I always wanted to crochet some cute little hearts like these from Skip to my Lou, but although I learned to crochet at a young age I was never very good at following a pattern I learned better by watching. Well, just the other day Little Birdies Secrets posted a video on how to make these crochet hearts. So yesterday as I laid in bed sick I decided to try them out.
I made 2 different sizes using different crochet hooks. I didn't have the size that they used but you can really do it with whatever size hook and yarn you want it will just change the size. Don't worry if your first or even second heart does not turn out it took me a few tries. I would show you but its to embarrassing. I made my hearts into a little clip that could be used in many ways.
My mom made this hat a booties set for Addi and I thought I would turn it into a cute little valentines outfit.
Trying to get my model dressed to take a picture has never been so hard and there may have been a little chocolate involved just to get a couple of pictures.
The booties are so cute and looked really cute with Addi's little ruffle skirt,but she would not stand up so I could show you. :(
With the left over yarn my mom made this cute little bracelets (or circles as they are called at our house) She shows you how to make your own over at Under the WillowThese may look complicated,but they were both made using knitting looms very easy. So, unless you are one of the lucky people who live in warmer climates go make your little one a cute little valentines hat and boots to wear.