Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dora Adventures

I have been missing all week I know. My husband was gone interviewing for jobs which is exciting except that means no break for me while he is gone. It is also March which means I am officially in birthday planning mode for my little girl. I did realize that it would be so soon that she would have her own opinion about her birthday party. And since she loves everything Dora (and Diego) we are having a Dora Adventure birthday party. I have it all planned out and spend my week designing party invitations and a pattern for Dora backpacks. The Dora backpack will have to wait a little I wasn't to impressed with my first attempt so we will try again, but here is what I came up with for the invitations.
(party details blocked out for reasons I'm sure you understand)
What do you think? I had so many ideas running around in my head that it stated getting complicated and messy so I simplified it down and got this. I added the "presents not needed" because she does not need anymore toys and things and we are in the process of getting rid of things since we will be moving. Is this the best way to say this. I don't want them to think they can't bring a present if they really want to, but they most definitely do not need to. Any advice would be good. I also think I am going to offer this to people for a small fee (only because it needs to be personalized) if anyone is interested.

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