Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun, Fast and easy project

I am in big brothers big sisters and I meet with my little sister every week. DeDe (thats my little sister) wanted to make a stuff animal, but she has never sewn before so to teach her how to sew I helped her make a pillow case. This was very easy and a good first sewing project. I just used a pillow case I already had as a pattern. Since DeDe had never sewn before the hem line around the top of the pillow wasn't the straightest and we used white thread so it was very noticeable so we took matching ribbon and used iron on tape to attach it over the hem line. I think it looks really cute and no one can see that we didn't sew straight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breast Cancer Quilt

I finally finished the pink breast cancer quilt I was making for my grandma. this was the first quilt that I ever hand quilted. One tip I have for hand quilting is use a template. In each square I quilted either a flower or a breast cancer ribbon. The first square I did I just free handed the ribbon and it didn't turn out how I wanted so I got on the computer and found clipart pictures of a ribbon and two kinds of flowers blew them up to the size I wanted and printed them out and then used those to trace it with a quilting pen right on the quilt. It took me a year to finally finish this quilt. I started it last summer thinking that I could get it done before I saw my grandma in July, but it took me a couple of hours to quilt each square at first ( I got faster as I went) so I thought I would finish it before Christmas, but I came back from my grandma's pregnant and sick and the quilt got put away so after I had my baby I remembered I still hadn't finished the quilt so I got it out and finished it before I went to my grandma's this summer.


I started a new hobby. I decided that I wanted to learn cake decorating. I bought a cake decorating set from walmart and my first attempt were these cupcakes that I made for the SNDA bake sale at my husband's school. I thought they weren't bad for a first attempt. They sale all of their baked goods for $1 but one lady thought my cupcakes were with $2 so she paid $2 for one of my cupcakes. My favorite were the ones that I just used the star tip and covered the top of the cupcake. It is so easy but makes a cute cupcake. I added a little bit more detail by putting a different color poka dot in the middle of the stars.