Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Dress-Up Drawer Giveaways

Dress up Drawer
I got on this morning to dosome blogging and found this awesome giveaway over at The Dress-Up Drawer There is 5 new giveaways everyday this week. The best part is the winners will be announced on my birthday. I hope Iwin myself some awesome birthday presents!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What is going on?

I am sure that is what all of you are thinking, right? It has been over a month since I post a lame excuse for a post about all the exciting stuff I had to post. Where here is where I try to explain myself and set a new years resolution to be better. So my first and biggest excuse is
this growing baby inside me making me want to run to the bathroom anytime I sit down to do anything and sucking every ounces of energy so that I sleep whenever my toddler does and for those of you with toddlers know that is usually the only time you have to do any crafting.
The other taking up any crafting time that I did have was this
a quilt for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. I thought it would be such a good idea if everyone in our family made a quilt square and I put them together into a quilt. Well it was a good idea, but I did not know that within weeks of agreeing to do this I would become pregnant and thus incapacitated during crafting time.
although it took up all my free time I had left it was worth it and I think it turned out pretty good considering it was only the 3rd quilt I have made and the first one that wasn't an easy beginner quilt. I even did some patchwork for the back of the quilt. I love the material I picked out and thought they looked so pretty together.
For the center of the quilt I got this pattern for the family tree from Twin Stichers I embroidered the main part of the pattern, but for the the people I used sharpie markers because embroidering all those people was a little intimidating for meHer our the 2 squares I made for my little family. For my square I did some more embroidering and then for my daughter I used a picture of her and did a little designing in photoshop and printed it off. (I also ended up doing this for the rest of my family my dad and brothers did not send me any quilt squares not to surprising)
And here is my cute grandma with her new quilt. I made it for both my grandparents, but we all know my grandma will love it more and she cried when she saw it which made all my hard work worth it.
And in case those excuses were not enough I some how manage to break my sewing machine in the middle of sewing the quilt and had to borrow a sewing machine to finish the quilt so those things I mentioned I was making my daughter for Christmas did not get done and will have to wait for her birthday. Hopefully I can get my machine fixed and finish u a bunch of projects, but not to worry I spent the last week at my mothers and we did a lot of crafting together and decided to do blogging Mondays where we blog something every Monday together while chatting on skye so hopefully this will keep the 2 of us crafting and blogging.