Sunday, December 6, 2009

What have I been doing?

I know I always say I have things to post and I never do. I need to get myself organized. I am working on a lot of new things as is everyone else that does homemade holidays. You may have noticed when I got a new blog design I lost all my links on my side bar. I will be working on getting those back, but you may also noticed that I started a new "Things I want to make" list. I think it is better that I start this over because I had so many things on my list that I never made any of them. This new list I am really going to make these things. I have all the supplies and everything. Two of them our Christmas presents for my daughter and the other is also for my daughter but part of a Christmas costume for some funky Christmas pictures. I also ordered some awesome jewelry supplies from Etsy and Artfire that I am so excited for and can't wait for them to arrive. Have you hear of Artfire? It is a lot like Etsy, but not as popular yet. The best part is that if you are only posting a few things they don't charge you for posting things to sell, not that I sell things, but sometimes I find things cheaper on Artfire than on Etsy. Well I am off to work on a family quilt and I am starting to wonder what I got my self into. I have a a machine quilting appointment on Thursday and I still need to finish a couple of squares and then sew he hole thing together. At least I am not hand quilting this one since it took me a whole year to finish the last quilt I did.