Monday, June 9, 2008

Dangly shell earrings

I made these earrings this week as a distraction while I was letting my baby cry herself to sleep. Both earrings were made by hanging 3 chains from an earing hook and then using jump rings connecting shell from the chain the green one also has other coordinating beads. The green earrings were made for my friend that moved away to Colorado today.


Erin said...

Cute! I like shells in jewelry. I think it's the dive bum in me!

Stephanie said...

Hey! I'm just NOW figuring out that you had this other blog. I use google reader, so I never actually go to people's blogs anymore. Shame on me. But you are on fire, girl! You are my inpiration. Way to go! And I LOOOVE my earrings! Thanks again - you're the best.