Friday, September 5, 2008

crochet ruffle socks

I made these cute little socks today with my mom. There are really easy if you know how to crochet. I just single crochet around the edge of the sock with a small hook and string and then did different ruffle edges. You could do any type of crochet edge. If you want a specific pattern to use just email me and I can send you the ones that we used.

We also made some that we crocheted in beads. These are great for a little bit older babies that will play with their feet. They keep the feet warm and the baby entertained.


MikeyAnn said...

Very Talented!

katkeen said...

I REALLY like the beaded socks! I dont know how you did the crochet (I cant do that at all, maybe one day?? :)) but what a neat way to keep little hands occupied!!