Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What has been going on

Did I really skip from halloween to thanksgiving with no post? Life has been crazy. We have been gone every weekend either visiting friends and family or for my husbands interview. I have been doing crafts just not posting. Many are for christmas presents and have to wait until after christmas to post. I did make a whole lot of magnets so for christmas presents for random people and some for my mom to sell in her boutique. Magnets make cheap and easy presents for a big group of people. My sisters are using them for gifts for their friends at school. They can use them in their lockers. You can personilize them for each friend or just do generic ones for everyone.

I also had my first craft swap and I think it was a sucess. I will post those pictures in its own post. I made Addi a cute thanksgiving outfit and got a great deal at joanns on fancy fabric to make her a christmas dress. I hope to be able to make that this week so she can where it to out church christmas party on friday. If any of you are looking for great ideas for homemade christmas gifts should check out sew mamma sew they had great tutorials everyday in November.

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