Monday, March 16, 2009

Cameo pin

So I found this awesome new site called artfire. It is similar to etsy but it is free for a limit number of stuff. I haven't sold anything on there yet, but I found an awesome store that sells loose cameos and setings and I love them. I bought a whole bunch of stuff. One thing I bought was a hibicus loose cameo and it reminded me of my grandma so I put it together and made her a pin. The setting was for a necklace, but I wanted it to be a pin so I turned the setting upsidedown and used the neclase hole to connect a pearl. What do you think? I thought it was a pretty ingenius idea myself. I hope you like it grandma Happy Birthday!


Tawnya said...

Oh I think it is stunning! Love it!

Jordan and Ashley said...

This is beautiful!