Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Soldered Jewelry

Tomorrow is my sister Baylee's 13th birthday. I have been wanting to get back into my crafting (if you noticed all the things I have posted lately are recipes or old projects) so this was the perfect opportunity. Awhile ago I got the stuff to try out soldered jewelry. The pieces they sell in stores was so expensive and I thought I could make them for cheaper. I know why they are expensive they aren't that easy at least at first. My first piece was a little 1x1 in square with an S in it for my mom. It turned out ok, but not how I thought and it took a lot longer then I expected and my neck was killing me by the end so I put the stuff away and with all the packing and moving haven't been able to try it since. This time went much smoother and turned out much better.
It isn't perfect yet, but I think the imperfections add to the character of the piece, or at least that is what I am telling myself.
My sister is into drama and loves to be in the plays at school. I think she can be a bit of a Drama Queen at times so the back has a little bit of a double meaning. I love how the back part turned out and I hope she will love it too. I decided to add a little more charm by actually adding a charm. I liked this zebra bead it reminded me of my sister for some reason. At first I didn't think it really matched, but then decided that I liked that it doesn't match it adds more flare and fashion.This one is a little bigger than the first one I tried it is 1x1.5 inches. I made it by cutting a 1x3 inch microscope slide in half sticking my paper piece in the middle. Wrapping the glass in copper tape and then soldering it closed. Happy Birthday Sister hope you like it and I hope you don't check this blog until you get the necklace in the mail.

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katkeen said...

They all came out great!! I think that with things that are handmade, the little flaws are what makes them perfect!!