Sunday, November 15, 2009

New design

So you may have noticed my blog has been boring lately. Plain background not many post well I hope all that will change. Thanks to Megan at Simplicity Design I now have 3 new backgrounds to choose from. So while I mess around with my new backgrounds and headers please forgive the mess as I figure it all out. My links will all be back up soon and to go with the new look many new post.
I want to hear from any faithful blog readers out there. What are your favorite things to see or what is your favorite thing I have done so far. I know I am no Martha Stewart or near as good of blogger as other crafty bloggers out there, but I enjoy posting the things I do and hearing all the lovely comments from my readers.


Susan said...

Cute new design! I can't wait for new posts:)

Megs said...

Thanks for the plug! It looks great!