Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ruffle Your Stuff Onsie

So you may have noticed my Ruffle Your Stuff button on my side bar, well here is my entry for the contest.
A ruffled onsie. I had been wanting to test this out since I have a baby (50% cance its a girl) and a new niece on the way this summer.
It was really simple and cost me $1. I got the onsie from the dollar store and then I found some scrap material I thought matched.
I cut the material in 1.5 in strips twice as long as the onsie was wide. Then I did a really wide stitch down the middle and gathered them until they were the length I wanted.
For the front I used 2 strips and made a little ruffle U on the front.
and then sewed 3 gathered strips to te bum to create this cute little ruffle bum.
Then I had to find a cute little baby to model it for me.
I like the embellished onsie especially for summer wen it is to hot to wear much more but with an embellished onsie it still feels like they are wearing something cut.
For more detailed tutorials about adding ruffles go visit Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff.

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1 comment:

allison @ itstoilegood.blogspot.com said...

sooo cute! and the onesie is too! :)
Have a niece on the way myself and think she definitely needs one sweet ruffly outfit!!
Thanks for sharing! Partying with you at Fireflies and Jellybeans