Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beaded Ruffle Socks

More ruffles! Remember these beaded ruffled socks I made? Well I decided to make some more for the Ruffle your Stuff contest.
My daughter loves hers and still wears them even thou she is now 2 years old!
I want to make a tutorial on how to make these, but it will ave to wait for now. I think I am going to do it in video form because tat is always easier for me to learn.
I did some pink ones with just a plain crocheted ruffle and no beads. The possibilities are endless with different colors and ruffles.
Theses sock not only look cute but they are functional as well, build in toys!

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Michelle said...

Love the socks. I wish you lived closer when I had little ones and I'd buy those socks from you.

Jones Morris said...

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