Friday, August 27, 2010

Hard Days and Notebooks

Today was one of those day. One of those days when you just want to lock yourself in a closet and forget you have any responsibilities. Please tell me I'm not the only that has days like that. Well when your responsibilities include a 2 yo and a newborn it's not really possible to lock yourself in a closet and forget about them. Well at least for very long, that would be child neglect. Don't get me wrong I love my kids and am very grateful I get to stay home them. Who wouldn't when your kids look like this.
I think I'm still getting use to being a mother of 2 and I know my 2 yo is still trying to adjust to not being the center of attention. Her latest way to get attention is to act like a baby herself. She tell strangers at the grocery store "I 3 months old". When she is being particularly hard I need to remember how sweet she really is and if that fails I just break down and cry and she shows me her sweet side by bringing me a tissue and giving me a hug.

A great way to remember those sweet tender moments in your child life is to write them down and even better write them down in a pretty little notebook like this one.

They would also make great notebooks for your kids to go back to school in style. I always stock up on composition notebooks when they are on sale for back to school. I made these 4 Christmas' ago for all my nieces and nephews and then again last year as part of a craft swap. They make great last min gifts because they don't take very long. You can cover them in paper or fabric. I used decoupage to secure the paper to the notebook. Maybe one day I will have more time to put together a tutorial with tips and secrets I've learned from making them.

Check out all the notebooks with matching accessories I made for the craft swap last year. Anyone up for a virtual craft swap? It would give me something to do while I'm locked in the closet.

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