Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Latest Creation and a New Found Motivation

My latest creation has taken up much of my time lately(thus the lack in blogging since Mother's Day). This creation took me 9 months to produce and has got to be my favorite since the last one that took 9 months.
My baby boy Aidan. (more pictures at Mommy creations Photography)

Along with this new creation comes sleepless nights and much time to think. It was actually almost exactly 2 years ago when I was up in the middle of the night with my first that I though of the idea and name of this blog. At the time I didn't realize that everyone had a crafty blog and many of them are much more diligent in posting then I am, but I am ok with that since this was just an outlet for my creativeness and so I wouldn't bore the readers of my family blog with all my craft projects.

Well fast forward 2 years to another late night. I am watching "Julie and Julia" with both my boys (my husband and my newborn) a sleep on me and I am thinking to myself I should get back into blogging. I like blogging it gives me something to do for myself and gets me to finish projects I have started so I can blog about them. So why did I decide to start on the blogging in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and I too should be sleeping. Well after the movie I was cleaning my kitchen, because I can no longer go to bed without a clean kitchen, both a blessing and a curse, but more on that later, and I thought well why wait I should start blogging tonight, so here I am blabbing on about blogging making sentences that are way to long and probably not grammatically correct, but who cares its my blog right?

So here is to a new blogging season. Who know maybe I can actually get some readers this time. That would be good since some of my new ideas require people to actually be reading this blog (more of those ideas also to come.

Well my new little creation is now awake and calling for me. Hope to see you all soon!

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