Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flashback Friday: Felt Valentines Purse

This is the Valentines Purse I made my daughter last year and she loves it so I am sharing it again this year.
I was putting together my daughters valentines for her playgroup the other day and decide she needed something to hold her valentines in. Since she is not in school with a desk to put a fancy valentines box on like we use to do in school, I decided to make her a purse that she can wear and carry her valentines in.
I just used some felt I had laying around (must have bought it for something, but forgot what and it was all valentines colors so perfect). I cut out 3 large hearts and sewed the sides together. It was that easy. I added some ribbon for purse handles and a few extra little hearts to the front to dress it up a little.
I did 3 hearts so that there would be 2 pockets. One for the valentines she was handing out and one for the valentines she was receiving.
My valentines were very simple. Just glued an embossed pink heart onto some purple card stock ruffed up the edges added a little pink ink to the ruffed up edges and then stuck a sucker in them.
And for the friends that can't have candy some valentine pencils.
Addi loved her purse and wore it around all day.
Now just to decide what to do this year any suggestions?
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