Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tulle Pom pom Balls-Tutoial

I had all this stuff to make some pom pom ornaments for my tree, but I never got to it. I never got to a lot of things I wanted to. That always seems to happen around the holidays. Anyways, I was browsing around blog land and saw these pom poms made out of old t-shirts and thought hey I can make my Tulle Pom Pom Balls for Valentines instead of Christmas. Valentines Day is after all my favorite holiday. Linda probably has a better tutorial but here is what I did.
You only need some tulle and cardboard templates (decorations on template not required unless you have a 2 yo helper like me). Oh and some scissors. If you don't have the tulle on a roll like this don't worry just cut your tulle into strips and it will work the same. The cardboard rings can be made into any size you want, but be careful the smaller you go the harder it is (I will show you how I made my smaller ones).
First place a piece of tulle (or string or yarn whatever you want it to hang from) between the 2 pieces of cardboard.
Next just wrap the Tulle around the cardboard rings. I wrapped it around 3 times to get the fullness I wanted.
This is what mine looked like, but you can wrap it as much or as little as you want its your craft. I also tied the 2 ends of the piece between the cardboard together to help hold it together for the next step.
My little princess wanted in on the picture taking action. She was my helper after all.
Next cut around the outside between the 2 pieces of cardboard. Make sure you pull your middle piece and hold down all the tulle to keep it from falling apart (this is why it is harder the smaller you go it falls apart more easily).
Once you have it all cut pull your piece in the middle tight and fluff up your pom pom. Now you can do whatever you want with them. I think I am going to make some sort of Valentines door hanger with them. We will see, but in the mean time they make cute little hair accessories.
I just tied the pom poms on one of my daughters headbands. I liked the look of 2 pom poms of different sizes so I made a smaller one as well.
For the smaller pom pom I just wrapped the tulle around my fingers, then I took another piece of tulle and tied it around the middle and cut the ends and fluffed just like the first one.
There you go 2 cute pom poms to use in any way you want. Remember this can be done with many types of material. Tulle, yarn, old t-shirts whatever your heart desires.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

SUPER cute! I have a roll of red tulle leftover from Christmas that I am going to use for Valentines decorations. I may have to try some pom poms:)

Brooke Douglass said...

I absolutely love those!!! I will for sure try that! Thank u! Brooke
Girl Boy Girl Inspired

linda @ CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Very cute! Love them on a headband!
Happy crafting!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I just saw your pompoms featured on Be Different and had to drop by and say how much I love them! great little project, your model is adorable.

allison @ said...

Too cute! And the pom poms are too! :0) Going to have to make some for a garland for Vday!!

Stephanie said...

How cool was it to see Addi on be different act normal! YOU'RE FAMOUS!! :) And I know you!

Busy Momma said...

OMG thank you for posting this! I make tutus all the time. So for my daughter's bday I was planning a new tutu for her. And then thought I'd make some tutu pom poms as party favors. But for the life of me couldn't figure out how. Now I know how and I can make hair accessories for the girls! Thanks so much for this!

Kaysi said...

So cool! I love it! I'm featuring you tonight at Keeping It Simple

Jillian said...

Great blog! I'm doing this for Ellie's bday!