Saturday, October 4, 2008

Apple t-shirt dress

I bought this apple t-shirt at Stuff (a consignment store) for $3. It was brand new it still had the gap tags on it and everything. I thought it was cute but it was way to big for Addi and to small for me so I decided I would use it as fabric to make Addi a dress to where to the apple orchard next week. I used the hems fom the bottom of the shirt and sleeves as the hems om=n the bottom of the dress and dress' sleeves. This made it really easy I just cut out the body of the dress and then the sleeves. Attached the sleeves to the body added edging around the neck and sewed up the sides. I love it and for my first attemt at sewing baby cloths it turned out really good.


London Mummy said...

You did a great job, that dress looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

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