Friday, October 24, 2008

Giveaway Winner

So I put everyone's name in a stocking (can you tell I have been working on Christmas stuff) and pulled out a name and the lucky winner was Tee (her name is Makenzie, but we call her Tee). But wait, that's my sister she can't win so I decided to do it over and the lucky winner was Tee. Wait not again. After the third time (I mixed the names up each time) of pulling Tee's name out I thought why am I putting her name back in each time. So After taking Tee's name out I did it again and the real winner is Rachel. So since Rachel already expressed what she wants in her comments she is getting a set of customized magnets. And do worry Tee I will make you some leg warmers too. Stay tune for more giveaways and thanks to everyone that posted a link to my blog.

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