Friday, February 11, 2011

More Crocheting: Bow-ties and Headbands

Warning: There is some serious cuteness about to be revealed
If you saw my post a couple of days ago you know I have been into crocheting lately. It has been a great stress reliever you should try it. I moved on from the hearts (but I am sure I will go back to them soon) and I moved on to bows. These are even easier than the hearts all you need to know is the basic single crochet and you can make this adorable bow-tie.
I love it and I love my little man. I get to kiss those cheeks everyday.
For the bow-tie I did 8 rows of single crochet and each row is 18 stitches long. After your last row continue sc around the whole square. The middle piece is 2 rows of 10 stitches. I wrapped the smaller piece around the middle of the bigger piece and tied it in the back. I attached it to a clip and clipped it to his shirt, although it wasn't long before it ended up in his mouth.
Then I made a headband for my daughter. For the band I made a chain that would fit exactly around her head. Then I join the chain, chained 2and half double crochet all the way around (you could also just single crochet around a couple of times).
I made the bow the same way as the bow-tie but slightly smaller and I didn't make a center piece. I decided instead to put the bow on the headband and wrap the yarn around them both several times. I like this look a little better for the hair bow.
Now my kids have their accessories for Valentines day. Cute right?

If none of this makes sense you may want to checkout this tutorial at Happy Together, she does pretty much the same thing that I did.

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Marla said...

very cute! I am attempting to make the headband. How does the headband stay on her head? I was considering attaching it to a piece of elastic so it has some tightness to keep it on.
Thanks for the info!

Jessica Sorensen said...

It stays on my daughter head alright. I just made it the exact size of my daughters head maybe slightly tight the finished headband is a little bit stretchy.

Crystal said...

Oh my! That is some serious cuteness. I'll be featuring this on Friday.


That is just too cute! Caught you over at the CSI Challenge.