Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Rice Crispies

I had never made rice crispies before 2 months ago. Gasp! I know I make lots of treats, but some how managed to never try rice crispies. I finally tried it this last Christmas because my husband was missing his moms rice crispy trees that she makes every year. So I sent my husband to the store to buy all the ingredients and he came back with 3 big boxes of Rice Crispy and 5 bags of mini marshmallow. Well 6 weeks later we still had a box of Rice Crispies and a couple bags of marshmellows so I made some Valentines rice crispy treats.
I died the marshmallow butter mixture with some food coloring to make them pink. Then I topped the treats with some melted chocolate chips. I think all valentine treats need a little chocolate.
They passed the 2 yo test. YUM! I thought the squares were to boring and I wanted to make some heart shaped ones, but I didn't have any molds.
But I did have these heart ice cube trays. So I greased them up and used them as a mold.
It worked and I had bite sized, heart shaped, chocolate dipped, rice crispy treats.



Michelle said...

I like the hearts. Great idea.

Marianne, aka Ranger Anna said...

We use the jar of marshmellow goo--ever so slightly easier. Yum.