Monday, February 15, 2010

Bubbled over with joy!

I am so excited to show you all this. Like the title says I am bubbled over with joy to introduce my other entry for the Lil Blue Boo Dharma Trading Design Challenge a bubble shirt with matching leggings.

The shirt is just something I came up with and the leggings were made using Ashley's LBB leggings pattern.
I came up with the idea for the shirt when I pulled out my random knit fabric and saw this black and white pattern knit I had picked up out of a remnants bin a long time ago. I thought it would look so cute as a bubble shirt and to go with it I decided to try out the new leggings pattern I had just received.
I couldn't find a pattern for a bubble shirt so I came up with one all by myself. I used white knit from one of those skirts I mentioned earlier that I got for a quarter. It was extra stretchy making it good to go around the neck. I went to get some black knit for the leggings, but all I could find was really thick knit or ribbed knit. I wanted the leggings to be more light weight for spring or summer, so instead of buying knit I bought a jersey knit T-shirt that happened to be on sell It was perfect and best of all I got to use the already done hem for the hem on the bottom of the pants. I then added a little gather to the sides of the leggings and thought it was just the right touch to go with the shirt.
For my embellishment I added this tulle flower with a fancy button as the center. I decided to go with a contrasting color to make it stand out.
OF course then I had to make a few matching accessories to go with the outfit. I made a headband with matching tulle flowers, a chunky red beaded bracelets, and a fun chain and bead necklace.
Doesn't she look so cute? She thinks she does.
Here is the close up of the head band. The flowers are on a clip so it can be placed on any headband or put directly in the hair.
I am so exited about this and love how it turned out. This challenge has got me into making all my daughter clothes. If the contest wasn't ending tonight I would whip out a few more, but sadly this is my last entry.


Robbins Family said...

That is SO CUTE! Way to go- I love it! I also love the edible bouquet, your valentine decorations and dress, and pretty much everything else on this page.

Jared & Tristan said...

I love the pattern on the shirt. Great job!

Tawnya said...

Ok, you are truly awesome!! That is such a cute outfit!

Susan said...

So adorable! I think this one could win it for you.