Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet Chuckles

Another great holiday in February is Ground Hogs Day. It may not be a very big holiday,but it is still fun to celebrate. The other day I took my little one to the children's museum near our house. They have a room where different animals live. One of the animals you can see is Chuckles who happens to be the official sate of Ct's ground hog. Tomorrow there will be a big event with the mayor and everything (still deciding if it is worth getting up at 6 am to go out in the cold to see if chuckles sees his shadow). Anyways, to try and explain Ground Hogs Day to the little one I created our own little Chuckles.
I made this simple little finger puppet using some scrap felt, google eyes, sharpie marker,and some hot glue. Took me all about 10 min.
Chuckles needed a hole to pop out of so I made him one.
My almost 2 year old may not really care about whether or not Chuckles sees his shadow, but she had fun for about 10 min with the puppet (10 min is a long time lately)
See how much she loves her Chuckles!

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