Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

I love the month of February! It may have to do with it being my birthday month and my favorite holiday. I love valentines day and always have. There is just something about sharing the love with everyone you love. I loved making valentines for all my friend. I remember picking out special ones for the boy I had a crush on in elementary school. Even as a single young adult I still loved Valentines day and now that I am married and have a wonderful husband to share it with it just makes it that much better. February is a great month for crafts and I already have a few lined up to share. Here is my first one.
I always wanted to crochet some cute little hearts like these from Skip to my Lou, but although I learned to crochet at a young age I was never very good at following a pattern I learned better by watching. Well, just the other day Little Birdies Secrets posted a video on how to make these crochet hearts. So yesterday as I laid in bed sick I decided to try them out.
I made 2 different sizes using different crochet hooks. I didn't have the size that they used but you can really do it with whatever size hook and yarn you want it will just change the size. Don't worry if your first or even second heart does not turn out it took me a few tries. I would show you but its to embarrassing. I made my hearts into a little clip that could be used in many ways.
My mom made this hat a booties set for Addi and I thought I would turn it into a cute little valentines outfit.
Trying to get my model dressed to take a picture has never been so hard and there may have been a little chocolate involved just to get a couple of pictures.
The booties are so cute and looked really cute with Addi's little ruffle skirt,but she would not stand up so I could show you. :(
With the left over yarn my mom made this cute little bracelets (or circles as they are called at our house) She shows you how to make your own over at Under the WillowThese may look complicated,but they were both made using knitting looms very easy. So, unless you are one of the lucky people who live in warmer climates go make your little one a cute little valentines hat and boots to wear.

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Tawnya said...

She is getting so big and cuter by the day!