Friday, February 5, 2010

Modern Toddler Moo Moo

I am so excited about this project and pretty proud of myself. I never took sewing lessons and didn't grow up sewing. I got my first sewing machine just over 2 years ago and just started sewing, so when I accomplish a sewing project and it turns out how I want it to I am pretty proud of myself. My latest sewing accomplishment is this modern toddler moo moo I made for my almost 2 year old for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary Hawaiian party.
I went through a box my grandma had in her garage full of old moo moos,Hawaiian shirts and some Hawaiian fabric (they use to live in Hawaii). I picked a few things to use to make Addi a dress for the party. And this is what I came up with. I used this tutorial from Lil Boo Blue as a starting point and added my own little flare to it.
I added a ruffle along the bottom to make it look more like a Hawaiian moo moo. It also added length to the dress which I liked.
I made a fabric flower with a matching button for the center. My original plan was to have flowers all along the top but then decided I liked it better with just one flower off center.
I added buttons to the back to make it easier to take on and off. The straps are tie on so they are adjustable. Both of these hopefully will make it so she can wear this dress for longer.
I had big ideas of taking picture of my little cutie in her dress on the beach since we were in California,but when we went to the beach Addi was not very happy and did not want to stand in the sand. I thought I would go back another day when she was happier,but it rained the rest of our time there. Also notice the matching fabric flower in her hair.
I had enough fabric I decided to make me a matching maternity skirt (more on making a maternity skirt later). I was going to enter this dress into Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge, but I don't think it counts because I didn't use one of her knit patterns she sells in her shop, but I am working on something else for that so stay tune

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Tawnya said...

You are so awesome! I miss you! I wish we could craft together!