Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me BIrthday Card Challenge

Yes, today is my birthday and I got to see my growing baby and everything looks just great. Now on to my new challenge. My mom has been doing a Christmas card challenge where every week she makes a new Christmas card from an inspirational card with a theme for each week. I think that its a grand idea,but I don't know what I would do with that may christmas cards, since I usally do mass production of the same card for everyone. However, there is one type of card I never have enough of and that is Birthday Cards. One of my new Years resolutions was to be better about sending birthday cards, but I can'tsend what I don't have, so I am starting my own little Birthday Card Challenge in celebration of my own birthday. Every couple of weeks or so I will put up a birthday card that I have made for inspiration and give you a theme for that week. Then all you have to do is use those creative minds of yours and come up with your own fantastic birthday card. Here is your card for this week.

The first weeks theme is primary colors and/or trifold cards. So get making your cards and when you have it post a picture on your blog and leave me a link to your blog post in the comments so that we can all see what you have come up with.
My card was made by folding card stock so that the 2 ends met in the middle creating a door like card. The Happy Birthday and stars were created using Stampin up stams and then colored in with colored pencils. Very simple yet fun. You can be as fancy or as simple as you like.


Susan said...

here is the link to my card.

Susan said...

O.k really here is the link