Thursday, September 2, 2010

Did you guess . . .

a tu-tu? Well you would be wrong. Do you think I would make it that easy? I will give you a clue it is a makeover of of a make over I did earlier on my blog. (I am so resourceful.) Another clue I didn't use one of these to do it

But I did get my sewing machine out this week, first time since the baby was born and only about the second time since I got my new sewing machine back in March. It is National Sewing month after all. And guess what it only took me an hour to get started. I pulled the sewing machine out, helped crying child, thread machine, help crying baby, sit back down to sewing machine and it won't turn on, after about 3 min realize I have to plug it in, plug machine in, sit there for another min trying to figure out what else I am missing, figure out it is my pedal foot, search closet for foot, finally start sewing only to have baby wake up. Hopefully now that I have it all set up I won't waste a whole nap time trying to remember how to sew (I think I have a little bit of anew mother brain). I am finally going to finish my sisters Birthday present. Yes, her birthday was clear back in March (I was too fat to sew that is my excuse) and yes it was my others sisters birthday last week and I don't feel right working on her present until I finish my other sister's present. I will just do them both this month and give them to them in person when I see them next month,it is better to give them in person anyways right? Beside my sister Baylee said that having her niece sing her happy birthday to her over skype was her best birthday present so I guess that means I don't have to make her anything.

Anyways, you have a few more days to take a guess at what this is and enter to win a special hand made gift made from the leftover materials. I will post what 'it' is this weekend.

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